Beer pioneer led the way for area’s craft brewers

Have you ever been curious about how the beer gets brewed at Saco Island? Then you are hereby invited to accompany master brewer Geoff Houghton on this behind-the-scenes video tour of the brewing process!

It’s hard to believe how far downtown Biddeford-Saco has come since the Summer of 2008, the year that Run of the Mill Public House & Brewery first opened. Back then, the MERC trash incinerator was still operating, and many scoffed at the idea of a brew pub with an outdoor deck along the Saco River.

Nobody’s laughing any more. Geoff Houghton, employing his top-notch brewing skills and a thoughtful recipe for what makes a successful community pub, has made the Run of the Mill a well-known landmark, and an incredibly popular meeting spot for the people of northern York County. If you love craft beer and spend any time at ROTM, sooner or later you’ll probably run into Geoff. If you ask him about beer, get ready for a lengthy and enthusiastic discussion!

Others in the area are now following in Geoff Houghton’s footsteps, including the Banded Horn Brewery Company, Barreled Souls Brewing and Funky Bow Brewery and Beer Company. Even a craft distillery, Round Turn Distilling, is operating in the mill district across the river in Biddeford. All of them are playing a meaningful role in bringing manufacturing back to downtown Biddeford-Saco.  As Sean Sullivan, executive director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild told the Portland Press Herald, “The rate of growth of craft beer in Maine is unprecedented. We’re entering the golden age of brewing here in Maine.”

Biddeford-Saco, in its own way, is becoming a Mecca for these craftspeople and their devotees. “So let’s raise a toast --- to Geoff!”